5 Must Have apk Files for your Phone

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Applications make up half of your mobile a real smartphone. These application allow to experience amazing things for free for example, games, music, movie and much more.

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There are a few applications or Apk files which are not available on your Google play store, so today we are going to talk about those applications. They are quite easy to download and simple to use. Of course the non availability of the files on the play store may rise a question in your mind regarding safety and security, but these app can be enjoyed without any fear in mind as they are safe and secure for Android devices.

So let’s discuss the top 3 apk files which should be there on your smartphone.

  • ShowBox HD


Showbox HD is a movie streaming application which allows you to download unlimited files, movies, videos, trailers and much more for free. Showbox honestly is an app with perfection, it has all the features right at its place for example, search, bookmark, settings, chromecast, quick menu etc in available on the home screen itself which actually increases its demand in the market.

This application is not available on the Play Store thus, you can get Showbox apk through its official website or any Third party website. 

  • HotStar


HotStar is again a video streaming application which is growing day by day. It recently launched all the star movies, episodes and random videos for its customers. HotStar is also known for showing Live sports like Cricket and kabaddi, Hockey and other games on the application itself.

What has changes in the app is you can either use the application for free or use a premium subscription to watch movies and shows on your smartphone and other gadgets. Unlike other applications, HotStar actually let’s you watch premium videos for free too which is quite amazing feature for now.

  • Shareit


ShareIt is a file sharing application launched by Lenovo across the globe. It allows you to share different files with friends and family through this concept without using any USB or Bluetooth service. The application forms its own connection through WIFi network and you can transfer the most heavy files with others like documents, files, movies, videos, pictures and much more.
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The application proudly works for cross platform service as well. You can share files from Android to iPhone, iPhone to BlackBerry and BlackBerry to Android. How is that, isn’t it!


All the three applications mentioned above are running well in the market for now. These apps should be there on your phone for entertainment and transferring purposes. Hope this article could help you with a little more information regarding Apk file. Thank you!